Botanical Name: Opuntia fulgida
Common Name: Jumping Cactus, Chainfruit Cholla  
Plant photo of: Opuntia fulgida
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Water Saving Tip:

As the weather gets hotter avoid the temptation to increase run times.

Instead, schedule more start times with one to two hours in between to allow the water from the previous session to soak in before watering again.

  • Anatomy

  • Culture

  • Design

Plant Type

Shrub, Succulent, Cactus


Height Range



Flower Color



Flower Season



Leaf Color

Grey Green


Bark Color



Fruit Color

Green, Yellow


Fruit Season

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Constant


Full, Half



Very Low, Low


Growth Rate



Soil Type

Sandy, Clay, Rocky


Soil Condition

Average, Poor, Well-drained, Dry


Soil pH

Neutral, Basic


Adverse Factors


Design Styles



Accenting Features

Specimen, Unusual Shape


Seasonal Interest

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall


Location Uses



Special Uses

Container, Fire Resistant


Attracts Wildlife


Information by:
Photographer: Olin Miller
  • Description

  • Notes

This cactus appears to have a tree-like form because of one low branching trunk from which sprouts many spiny "branches". It can reach 12' tall with segmented, drooping branches that are covered with spines. 1" long white and pink flowers streaked with lavender bloom from June to August. The flowers bloom at the end of the branches and on old fruit. Clusters of these fruits sometimes stay attached for many years. Be careful handling this cactus as the spines easily attach to clothing and skin.
Planting: 1. Dig a hole 1" less the depth and 2 times the width of the container. 2. Fill hole with water, let soak. 3. Set root ball in hole. 4. Fill hole halfway with native soil and water. 5. Finish back filling hole, build basin and water.