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Superstition Mallow
Shore Juniper
Autumn Sage
Dwarf Myrtle
Superstition Mallow

Common name:Superstition Mallow
Botanical name:Abutilon palmeri

Herbaceous shrub with velvety, heart-shaped leaves. Grows quickly to 4' x 3'. Good for subtropical effect. Plant it next to a patio to enjoy soft texture. Takes full sun or partial shade. Cup-shaped, apricot-colored blooms on and off during warm months.

Shore Juniper

Common name:Shore Juniper
Botanical name:Juniperus conferta

A prostrate, trailing juniper with bright green, soft needles, this juniper can reach a size of 1' high and 6' wide. It grows well along the coast as well as inland when given plenty of water. It is an excellent ground cover variety.

Autumn Sage

Common name:Autumn Sage
Botanical name:Salvia greggii

Evergreen sprawling shrub grows quickly to 2' x 2'. Red pink or white flowers appear in spring and fall. Prefers filtered shade in Phoenix. Attracts hummingbirds.

Dwarf Myrtle

Common name:Dwarf Myrtle
Botanical name:Myrtus communis 'Compacta'

This evergreen shrub grows to 6' x 5'. Leaves are glossy, dark green and aromatic. It blooms with white sweet-scented flowers followed by bluish-black berries. It can be grown in sun or partial shade. Well drained soil is essential. Myrtus communis 'Compacta' has smaller leaves than Myrtus communis and is often used for edges and low formal hedges.

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Soils and Compost:

Practice grass-cycling by leaving short grass clippings on lawns after mowing, so that nutrients and organic matter are returned to the soil.

Water Saving Tip:

Even during our hottest months we don't need to water daily.

Give your plants a chance to breathe.

Water late at night or in the early morning hours to avoid losses to wind and evaporation.

Integrated Pest Management:

Attract, or buy beneficial insects such as ladybugs and lacewings to control pest outbreaks in your garden.